Why Should You Try 3 Free Personal Training Sessions?

We offer 3 free personal training sessions so that you can meet our trainers and learn about our strength training programs.

We want to show you why our training approach is different and why it is so successful. On average, our members have completed over 300 training sessions and as a result they have truly benefitted from strength training. They have lowered their blood sugar levels and decreased their use of insulin. They have lowered their cholesterol levels and decreased their blood pressure - reducing their medication usage. They have increased their bone mass, decreased their back and neck pain, reduced their fall risk and gotten rid of knee and shoulder pain. They sleep better and have better control over their body weight.

Our members tell us that the number one reason why they are successful is because of our trainers. Our trainers make it easy for them to workout and hard for them to make excuses. Strength training is important and our personal trainers, affordable pricing and method of training allow members to sustainably workout week after week, year after year - creating significant improvements in health and well-being.

We strive to help our members overcome barriers that naturally prevent them from succeeding with exercise. This includes finding time to workout, being motivated, having support, and feeling a sense of belonging, or comfortableness at the gym. At our place, you don’t have to figure out what to do and you won’t be intimidated in the weight room. Strength training is the single most important thing you can do for the rest of your life and our personal trainers are committed to helping you get it done.

Free personal training is provided to all of our members for these reasons:

  1. Your likelihood of succeeding is significantly increased. Our trainers know what to do.
  2. Your risk of getting injured is significantly decreased. Our trainers know how to keep you safe.
  3. You will be more motivated to work hard and stick to the program. Our trainers are your personal coaches!
  4. You will enjoy working out more when you don’t feel isolated and alone. Our trainers care about you. Everyone belongs.
  5. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for trainers when you are a member of a gym.


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