St. Paul Strength Room


Our programs create a safe and effective training environment for people of all ages, physical condition, body size, ethnicity and ability.


Unlimited Monthly Use Membership

This allows members the flexibility of walking in to workout during normal business hours at a time that is convenient for them, or members can schedule a confirmed appointment online.
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Group Classes

A group of 4-6 people workout together with a team of trainers for a fun and supercharged training session. A variety of classes are offered that are intended to bring people together who have similar interests to help members feel more comfortable at the gym and to produce a stronger sense of support and community.
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Exclusively Private Training

If you desire privacy, or an incredibly intense workout, Exclusively Private Training is perfect for you. While the gym is closed, you will train exclusively and privately one-on-one with a personal trainer. All sessions are 30 minutes in length and you can decide to train one or two times per week.
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